Chatfuel is looking for Director of Content Strategy! We need a person who will help us create the most thoughtful and insightful content in the SaaS industry, that our readers will find interesting and valuable, and that we’d want to read ourselves and bookmark for future reference. 🤓

We are the largest platform for building bots on Facebook Messenger. Bots are pieces of software that help automate communication with humans through messaging applications. Since messengers have become the most heavily used mobile apps, bots have emerged as effective instruments that are changing the world of digital marketing. Our customers use bots for sales and marketing funnel automation, lead generation and nurturing, customer support and communication.

Chatfuel’s bot creators are influencers, celebrities, global consumer brands, large and small businesses, etc. Some of our largest customers include Audi, Adidas, Mercedes Benz, T-Mobile, MTV, TechCrunch, LEGO, Golden State Warriors, Katy Perry and many others.

If you are

  • An experienced copywriter who can produce the most valuable and engaging content
  • A driven individual who wants to help make a top SaaS company more successful through creation and distribution of high-quality content
  • Experienced in creating top-notch material in various formats and under the tightest deadlines
  • A team player who is a natural at building relationships and working cross-functionally in any organization
  • Not afraid to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and have a no-task-is-too-small” attitude
  • A person who cares deeply about the team you lead and enables all team members to do their best work every day
  • Looking to work for a small, but extremely fast-growing startup that holds a leading position in its space

... then you are the one we're looking for! 🤩

Your mission

Implement and lead the content strategy that will help Chatfuel effectively share knowledge and insights through a variety of media. Create engaging content that delivers value to our hundreds of thousands of users and followers. Develop both new and existing distribution channels to reach the maximum number of relevant consumers of our content. 📚

You will be responsible for putting together case studies, blog posts, product release announcements and educational materials, polishing our knowledge base, creating and running webinars, as well as working on our social media presence and all kinds of other related types of content. You will lead by example and empower your team members to do their best work every day! 💪


  • Communication skills importance of this needs no explanation 😁
  • Excellent copywriting skills and relevant experience
  • Interest in and enthusiasm about technology and software (experience in SaaS is a plus)
  • Enthusiasm, passion and excitement for work
  • Ability to manage, develop and empower colleagues and encourage teamwork
  • Efficiency ability to maximize the ROI
  • Optimism/can-do attitude
  • Honesty/integrity you do the right thing, speak plainly and truthfully
  • Organization and planning you plan effectively and focus on key priorities
  • Follow-through on commitments you live up to verbal and written agreements, regardless of personal cost
  • Analytical skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Persistence
  • Proactivity
  • Assertiveness (in a positive sense 😎 )

If you fit all the requirements listed above and like the idea of joining our dynamic and extremely close team, then we need to hear from you! 🤗

Why Us?

What makes Chatfuel a great place to work? Here are just a few reasons why you should apply to join us:

  • A strong team: We’ll help you improve your skills, grow, and evolve.
  • Freedom to create and act: Tell us what you’d like to do and do it!
  • Mind-blowing growth: Our user base doubles several times a year, and we grow along with it.
  • A great product: Our platform helps people and businesses create bots that deliver meaningful value.
  • Build your own brand: Get involved in the fast-growing bot community, help people and establish yourself as an expert in your field. 🛠