About the role:

Join our marketing team as a Copywriter and Editor. You'll produce and polish high-quality, engaging content across channels, with a focus on chatbot copy, email, and landing pages. At Chatfuel, words are everything. They communicate value, inspire and compel action. The sentences you write should be crafted with care. More is not better. Write for humans. Write how you talk. What you write should incite emotion through story, entertain, deliver solutions to problems and be so damn good that people share it with others. Your words will reach hundreds of thousands of our users and prospects.

What you'll do:

  • Craft, test, and optimize effective email sequences and chatbot sequences for our product (onboarding, new feature alerts, etc.) and email newsletters.
  • Write attention-grabbing, entertaining, and educational copy for various landing pages we create for features, audiences, and programs at Chatfuel.
  • Write copy for ads (Facebook, Google etc...)
  • You'll focus on the areas above, but we may have you write and edit other copy projects on an as-needed basis
  • Consistently brainstorm and collaborate with team for new ideas and Messaging

What we're looking for:

  • You're an excellent writer with experience in copywriting and/or content marketing.
  • At heart, you're a storyteller. You know how to engage an audience, make them care, and can persuade them to take an action.
  • You write clearly, simply and for humans. Basically you write how you talk.
  • You're well-versed in designing copy for captivating email campaigns and landing pages and have the results to prove it.
  • You're an autonomous self-starter used to juggling multiple projects at once. You know how to manage your time to meet multiple deadlines.

Bonus points:

  • You have interest/experience with chatbots, especially Messenger chatbots.
  • You have experience in E-commerce and know the Jargon and generally what's important to an e-comm store owner/marketer.
  • You're familiar with the basics of search engine optimisation for landing pages.
  • You've done interesting/challenging things in life that will bring a new perspective to the team.