In 2016 we launched the first Chatfuel — a chatbot platform for Facebook Messenger. We passed Y Combinator and attracted Series A from well-known investors. We have kept growing well since then.

Thanks to the active spread of AI technologies, we are now entering a new stage of development. We launch new AI-based products and need to promote them actively. For this purpose and aiming to reach a new round of fundraising (Series B), we opened a Venture Analyst position.

Current situation

  • Our headquarters are in the U.S., and development — worldwide (remotely.)
  • There are 50 people on our team.
  • $XM ARR, almost break even.
  • Chatfuel is a global brand and Meta's official partner. Our customer list includes giants like Lego, Adidas, Netflix, Visa, T-mobile, The New York Times, etc.


There is a solid foundation — a well-established American company Chatfuel with amazing customer success stories, official partnerships with Meta and Open AI, outstanding financial resources, and first-class capability (Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Greylock). Our product is strong, and our team of industry professionals has decision-making freedom.

Role and responsibilities

Working with a wide range of projects and building deal flows with the most significant venture capital market players. That includes:

  • Investment materials preparation: pitch deck, one-pager, investor profiling.
  • Maintaining a database of investor contacts and cold messaging.
  • Trendwatching: creating daily digests of the venture and investment world; keeping up with trends and influential industry events.
  • Gathering data to shape market and sector research.
  • Generating presentations and updates for Investor Update quarterly.

You are an excellent fit for this role if you:

  • are ready for a proactive network in the Valley,
  • quickly understand new trends and can identify the value of a startup investors have funded,
  • smoothy adapt to changes and new ideas,
  • are experienced in ventures, accelerators, and IBs is an advantag

About Chatfuel

  • An international company with customers in the U.S., Malaysia, Brazil, and many other countries worldwide. Working in an English-speaking environment and solving global problems is a great opportunity.
  • An official partner of Meta and joint projects' participant.
  • We care for our employees and create comfortable working conditions: remote work, health insurance, etc.
  • We are flexible and fast.
  • We are fully remote.
  • We always meet our teammates and are open to feedback.