Chatfuel, a leader in AI and conversational commerce, is searching for an expert to help us stay ahead of the competition in the current AI startup race. We aim to strengthen and promote our brand by becoming #1 in effective sales and AI sales solutions. Your role as an expert will be to quickly capture target markets and attract customers who are ready to implement AI solutions into their business.

Chatfuel has already demonstrated its strength, controlling 56% of all chatbots on Facebook by 2017 and benefiting brands such as Adidas, Lego, and Colgate. Backed by top investors and a partnership with Meta, our company is at the forefront of AI technology. Your role as an expert will be to help us move from stagnation in the chatbot industry to leadership in AI sales.

Chatfuel will be your exceptional chance to improve the company's market position, break acquisition channels, and build a leading brand in AI conversational commerce solutions.

Why us?

  • You will become a key employee in a results-focused top management team. We have already achieved a lot, but we can do even more together.
  • Our employees are essential to us, and we maintain comfortable working conditions: options, remote work and medical insurance.
  • Our product improves rapidly, and so does our company and team. You will constantly learn new things and grow with us.
  • You will directly contribute to the company and product development.
  • We actively exchange knowledge within the company during online meetings.
  • Everyone in our team is equal, and everyone is heard. You will be free to contribute and implement product, project, and process ideas.

Role mission

A Growth Hacker will play a crucial role on our team, shaping and optimizing customer acquisition channels, arbitraging, and hacking marketing scripts.


  • Lead generation: developing and implementing strategies to maximize effectiveness in attracting leads.
  • Marketing channel hacking: constantly analyzing and optimizing marketing channels to maximize results.
  • Arbitrage channels: identifying and capitalizing on arbitrage opportunities to increase outreach and improve ROI.
  • Sales funnel optimization: analyzing and improving each stage of the sales funnel based on experience in enterprise or participation in international startups.


  • Experience in Growth Hacking, marketing, or sales of AI solutions, preferably in startup conditions.
  • Expertise in conversational commerce and chatbots.
  • Understanding of fundamental principles and trends in AI and sales.
  • Experience in developing and implementing effective lead-generation strategies.
  • Ability to create and optimize content to engage target audiences.
  • Wisdom of marketing channel analysis and optimization techniques.
  • Experience in using tools to maximize the results of marketing campaigns.
  • Experience in identifying and utilizing arbitrage opportunities to increase outreach and improve ROI.
  • Skills in evaluating and selecting effective advertising platforms.
  • Ability to analyze data to identify key metrics and understand the effectiveness of strategies.

Dreaming of being part of something big? Join Chatfuel!

Together, we will shape the future of sales and artificial intelligence. Your contribution will be essential in our journey to innovation and success.