We are the largest chatbot-building platform on Facebook Messenger. Our customers use bots for sales and marketing funnel automation, lead generation and nurturing, customer support and communication.

There are 140 million users and 350 000 chatbots currently operating on the platform. Some of our largest customers include Audi, Adidas, Mercedes Benz, T-Mobile, MTV, TechCrunch, LEGO, Golden State Warriors, Katy Perry, and many others.

We have a strong international team, interesting ambitious tasks, and great prospects. Now we are expanding our presence in the international markets and are looking for a strong full-time SMM specialist to join the team. We want to make a cool SMM, which is appreciated by our existing and potential customers.

The main task is to increase the number of sales from users who have interacted with our accounts. Additional task: to form a community of loyal users of the product.

Primary responsibilities:

-Update the Chatfuel social media strategy (Facebook, Facebook Community, Instagram, Twitter, etc) to attract customers among small and medium-sized businesses around the world (focus on the USA, Asia).

-Create and publish content for the social networks mentioned above independently. Sometimes with the help of a copywriter or designer. Arrange the content creation process so that publications are regular, scheduled, and adapted to the social network, marketing strategy, and business needs.

- Make a content plan, a plan for promoting social networks, and decompose the media plan in accordance with your channels in order to achieve leading business metrics.

- Respond to user comments and check messages/directs, adjust the bot's work, if necessary.

- Set up advertising campaigns to promote content, to grow subscribers and audience coverage, to set up the promotion of selling posts to the current audience on Facebook, Instagram (and other social networks, if you deem it necessary).

- Maintain a backlog of hypotheses, prioritize and conduct tests for content formats, placements, CTAs, etc.

- Maintain detailed analytics, and improve metrics (coverage cost, subscriber cost, lead cost, registration cost and cost per click) and conversions at each stage of the funnel.

- Work in sync with sales and product teams to improve CJM.

Required qualifications:

-English Intermediate+

-At least 3 years of experience in managing various social networks for brands (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc).

-Experience in building SMM in order to get business results, the ability to build CJM, analyze the funnel, and improve metrics.

-The ability to study the product, target audience, and competitors from other countries/segments quickly and efficiently.

-Copywriting and design skills for content creation (in English) + experience in setting technical requirements for a creative team.

-Regular monitoring of trends, observation, and the ability to come up with non-trivial solutions to achieve business goals.

-Experience working with a remote team, independence, and time management.

-Experience in the international market will be an advantage.

-Experience in b2b and SaaS will be an advantage.

-Experience with other online marketing channels will be an advantage.

-Experience with digital tools: Tableau, Asana, Notion, Miro, etc (not essential, but very useful qualification).

Why you would like to join us:

-You will become a part of a truly strong, results-driven team. Look what we have already achieved - together we can do more!

-We care about our employees and create comfortable working conditions: remote work, extended medical insurance, and the most modern equipment.

-Our product is growing several times a year, and with it, the company and the team are developing at a similar rate. You will have the opportunity to constantly learn new things and grow with the company.

-You will feel your direct contribution to the development of the company and the product.

-We actively share knowledge within the company and often have meetups.

-Everyone is equal and listens to each other - you can propose and implement ideas for a product, project or process.