About us 🚀

We are the largest platform for building bots on Facebook Messenger. Bots are pieces of software that help automate communication with humans through messaging applications. Since messengers have become the most heavily used mobile apps, bots have emerged as effective instruments that are changing the world of digital marketing. Our customers use bots for sales and marketing funnel automation, lead generation and nurturing, customer support and communication.

Chatfuel’s bot creators are influencers, celebrities, global consumer brands, large and small businesses, etc. Some of our largest customers include Audi, Adidas, Mercedes Benz, T-Mobile, MTV, TechCrunch, LEGO, Golden State Warriors, Katy Perry, and many others.

Hiring at Chatfuel

We start with an HR Interview. We have a few goals here:

- to understand what motivates our candidate & match it with what we can offer;
- to share complete information about the company & its role with the candidate;
- check the competencies and culture fit.

    During the HR interview, we try to understand how a person’s values correlate with the values of the team. We have a few main things, which all our team has in common, based on the research we made:

    Empathy: we care how we treat each other. In any situation, we try to understand the opponent's viewpoint because we respect and love each other.

    Openness: we are not afraid to give and receive feedback. We are open-minded to new ideas and changes and also we are open to asking questions and asking for help.

    Collaboration: our employees are always ready to come to each other's aid and help with a complicated task.

    Responsibility: we are responsible for our actions and results. We are self-disciplined and take ownership of what we do, that is why we can easily work remotely and make our small projects.

    Passion: we are passionate about our work, product, and technology in general. Also, we appreciate self-development a lot.

    Commitment: being goal-oriented, we do our best to create something really important and great!

    The next step is the Technical interview. One of our engineers or other peers depending on the vacancy conducts an interview to check the candidate’s technical skills. During the interview, we usually give the candidate several cases to work on and solve them together at the end of the interview. The main goal here is to check professional skills and answer questions that the candidate has about the technical part of the job.

    The final step is the Technical + Competence-based interview. This interview with top Chatfuel leaders usually lasts an hour and a half. After that, we usually decide on the job offer and give our candidates feedback about the result.

    After the candidates receive the job offer we invite them to the office to introduce them to the team. This is a great opportunity for them to ask any questions and get all the information they need to make a decision.

    Why Chatfuel? 🤔

    What makes Chatfuel a great place to work? Here are just a few reasons why you should apply to join us:

    - a strong team: we’ll help you improve your skills, grow, and evolve;

    - freedom to create and act: tell us what you’d like to do and do it!

    - mind-blowing growth: our user base doubles several times a year, and we grow along with it;

    - a great product: our platform helps people and businesses create bots that deliver meaningful value;

    - build your own brand: participate in conferences, our community forums, help people, and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

    Our Team

    We come from diverse backgrounds and various corners of the globe

    • Edgar

      Support Engineer

    • Artem

      Frontend Engineer

    • Aydar

      Backend Engineer

    • Borislav

      Backend Engineer

    • Ivan

      QA Engineer

    • Julia

      Marketing Designer

    • Anna

      Customer Success Associate

    • Zaur

      QA Engineer

    • Kirill

      Frontend Engineer

    • Evgeny

      Tech Lead

    • Sergei

      Frontend Engineer

    • Lev

      QA Engineer

    • Nikita

      Product Analyst

    • Elizaveta

      Backend Engineer

    • Kyle

      Sales Executive

    • Igor

      Site Reliability Engineer

    • Dmytro

      Blog Writer

    • Aleksandra

      Product Designer

    • Tori

      Сhatbot Creator

    • Sergei


    • Sabina


    • Natalia

      Finance and Operations Manager

    • Liubov

      Technical Support Specialist

    • Larisa

      Technical Support Manager

    • Ilya


    • Sergei

      Sales Manager

    • Olga

      Product Marketing Manager

    • Nick

      Product Designer

    • Messaoud

      Technical Support Specialist

    • Maria

      QA Engineer

    • Liana

      Customer Success Project Manager

    • Laura

      Technical Support Specialist

    • Anna

      Digital Marketing Manager

    • Inna

      Сhatbot Creator

    • Aidana

      Technical Recruiter

    • Katie

      Content Team Lead

    • Alena

      Product Manager

    • Andrey

      Backend Engineer

    • Alexey

      SEO Specialist

    • Sergey

      Backend Engineer

    • Natalia

      Account Manager

    • Aleksandr

      QA Engineer

    • Mary

      Head of Operations

    • Igor

      Tech Lead

    • Nelli

      Head Of Marketing

    • Valentin

      Head of Engineering

    • Nika


    • Prashant

      Blog Writer

    • Fedor


    • Kirill

      Research Analyst