In 2016, we built a platform for Facebook Messenger chatbots and passed Y Combinator. Back then, it was a time of hype and rapid growth, plus we attracted series A from top investors.

2-3 years ago, Facebook started modifying the Policies that negatively affected our growth. But currently see new opportunities.

- corporation is in the States, development is based in Russia;

- a team of 50 people;

- $XM ARR, almost break even;

- an excellent global brand, partnership with Meta and customers like Colgate, Lego, etc.

The challenge

Initially, a wide range of customers (from coffee shops to enterprises) used the builder for different tasks: marketing, sales, eCommerce, support, etc. Additional points of complexity are that the geography of customers is very extensive.

The task is to put the company on a double-digit growth rate trajectory. You'll need to delve deep into the current situation, identify growth points, and rebuild the PMF set.

The opportunity

There is a solid foundation: Chatfuel is a well-established American company with many customer success stories (including giants like T-mobile, The New York Times, and Visa.) We're an official Meta's partner with excellent financial resources, a robust network in Valley (Y Combinator, 500 Startups, and company advisors), and a powerful product, team, and decision-making freedom. There's an opportunity not to spend years but to create a 0-1 product in huge markets based on the current Chatfuel infrastructure.

Why you'd be interested and be a good fit for us:

- You have experience building a product from 0 to 1. For example, founding and running your own startup in the past and a desire to do it again.

- You have experience in a CPO/Head of Product role at a fast-growing startup where you joined at the PMF search stage and, as a result, found growth points and went on to grow metrics, participated in the business transformation process from 0 to 1.

You're a perfect match if you have the following:

- 5+ years of experience as a CPO/Head of international launches;

- experience founding your own startup;

- understanding of product and web analytics (background in analytics would be a plus);

- experience with launches on international markets;

- experience with AI/SaaS would be a plus;

- ability to and desire to cover tasks on your own;

- desire to develop an incredible product in a company, delivering value.

Overall, we are looking for a person who will boost the product in new markets and create strong metrics growth.